Get Your Girly Game On


posted by Sheri

I guess I've always been a bit of a closet gamer of the girly kind. You know, ultra competitive but very afraid of the dark underworlds I imagined beneath Dungeons & Dragons. Of course, I'm also too cheap to buy games and too lazy to seek out the good free ones. After our family Atari bit the dust (I used to clock myself on Superman; gotcha again Lex Luther!) and I wasted lots of time on my high school boyfriend's Mario Brothers game, what this meant for me is that I totally got totally obsessed with Minesweeper (god, help me) and Snood out of sheer desperation to game and kick some cute round bugger's ass freely and sweetly (in other words, without a whole lot of guns or long runs through dark tunnels). And yes, I even took on Bugdom (it came free on my iMac). I rocked some Bugdom. Melissa, our poetry editor, and I often teamed up cruelly for good SissyFight action from our boring day jobs. Foul play, yes, and all free, free, free, and fun!

Well, I was happy to come upon Orisinal.com where they have tons of fun little free games with cute Sanrio-esque characters and soft, soothing music. No dungeons. No dragons. However, you can pelt some unsuspecting iceskaters with big ol' snowballs.

Some of my faves:

Dodge barreling bottles and boots from neighbors above, but be sure to catch the flowers from your lovey while crooning your Midnight Serenade.

Use friend power to savor cupcakes, pizza, cake, and doggy bones??? in It Takes Two.

Try to roll giant snowballs over unsuspecting ice skaters in Snow-Bowling.

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