Josie's World: The Musical
posted by Amy

We've been treated to an ongoing musical performance around here, thanks to Josie. See, I have this habit of singing (badly, off-key) silly rhymes to my kids such as "Get dressed/or I'll be pissed/If you just get dressed/I'll feel very blessed." (And yes, it IS appropriate to use the word "pissed" with children, as I am serving the higher god of literacy—you know, rhyming is an important prereading skill. Yeah. Okay. Also, additional points are awarded for using "blessed" and "pissed" in the same little song.) Josie has apparently picked up on both the off-key part and questionable subject matter, as this little number about her great-grandfather and Beta fish (both deceased), sung while we were driving the other night, proves:

I love Grandpa Bud and Inky
I barely remember Grandpa Bud
I'm not a baby any more
I'm a kid, but you're not
but you still love me
and I love you!
I remember when Inky was dead
and before we buried you
we wrapped you in a paper towel
and put you in the freezer
to save you for a little while
before we buried you in the backyard
I miss you so much
'cause I need a black fish
to be in my show
called "Inky"!