Links for All!
posted by Amy

I'm on my spring break, and for once I planned out the semester right: I don't have papers to grade! This meant I was free to stay up late last night watching The Sopranos and Big Love (which I dug, somewhat surprisingly). I also had time to create a long old list of links I'm liking right now. Of course, it helps that Vincent had to stay home sick today, making my first day of break an at-home one.

Since my kids are all in school (theoretically) this week, I'm not going anywhere warm and relaxing except my couch. If I could be somewhere warm, it would be Austin, Texas, where SXSW is going on. For now, I can live vicariously through bloggers who are in Austin at SXSW, including Badgerbag, who is liveblogging SXSW for our reading pleasure, Geeky Mom, who is also at SXSW and offering her views, and Grace Davis, who is remembering the joys of keg parties and showing us what she packed for SXSW.

Also from SXSW, if you're a Dooce fan, you can listen to the podcast of Heather Armstrong and Jason Kottke's keynote conversation.

Sweet Juniper is all about the snot and the fury (with a little puking thrown in for good measure). Dutch's apology to Faulkner, as commenters noted, is completely unnecessary. The man is probably rolling with laughter in his grave right now.

Gaijin Mama has been posting about the end of the school year rituals in Japan, while Sandra at Here in Korea reports on school snacks and mothers' meetings. Meanwhile, Alice in Austria is pondering the Princess Syndrome.

Where Am I Going…and Why Am I in This Handbasket? might have my all-time favorite blog name. Mama_tulip takes a moment to reflect on being a grownup and this whole parenting gig, including the "should we have one more?" question.

LHOTP fans, don't miss The Little Men Who Love Little House. Anyone who worries Laura Ingalls Wilder's books are too "girly" (whatever that's supposed to mean) should just read the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods, which features howling wolves outside the cabin, deer hunting, a bear, and pig butchering. Know what Laura and Mary do for fun? They play catch with a pig bladder balloon. If you ask me, these books have obvious appeal to the Captain Underpants crowd (which is pretty much my whole family, boys and girls alike).

Miriam Peskowitz takes a minute to brag about her older daughter, who may or may not be the next Mia Hamm but definitely will be a girl with a voice.

Finally, you all are reading the MMO on a regular basis, right? If not, head on over and check out goodies such as Andi Buchanan writing about blogging mamas and Judith Stadtman Tucker's interview with Angela Barron McBride, Beyond the Motherhood Mystique.