posted by Amy

So Rebel Dad has come up with an excellent idea for all of us who read those annoying Mommy Wars articles and think, "But...but...but...didn't these people READ MIRIAM'S BOOK?" You know, the one with all the facts and statistics and thoughtful analysis? He's going to link to Miriam's book every time he uses the phrase Mommy Wars in the hope that if someone googles the phrase, Miriam's book will come up. I like his thinking.

By the way, I avoided reading another important book, Ann Crittenden's The Price of Motherhood, for years because I thought it was going to make me feel bad for staying home with my kids during the day. Hmm...defensive and insecure much? Oh, just about 99% of the time. And then I read the book finally and found Crittenden writing things about how the unpaid caregiving we all do is what makes the world go round and I felt the opposite of bad about my choices, while also seeing them in a much bigger context than I'd ever been able to before.

SO, if you're reading this, feeling bad because you haven't read Miriam Peskowitz's book (or, you know, Ann Crittenden's) yet, don't feel guilty. But please, please read it—get it from your library, borrow it from a friend, buy it and read it and lend it out to all your friends. Because Miriam's a mama who worked really hard to write a very smart and perceptive book which has information and ideas we all benefit from knowing about. You won't feel guilty or bad or stupid. You'll just feel good that someone like Miriam is in your corner.