Mamas on the Editorial Pages
posted by Amy

Susan Wagner at Friday Playdate has gone and gotten herself published in her local paper by calling for an end to Mommy Wars rhetoric. You can read her response to a Daily Oklahoman piece about mothers here. (Registration required, but it's fast and easy and SO worth the chance to read Susan's piece.)

I've been inspired by Susan and the many other mamas out there writing and talking and thinking about why the Mommy Wars are just a way to distract us from the real issues facing people these days, including the scramble to get health insurance, workplaces which expect workers to pretend they don't exist outside of the office, and the lack of affordable daycare and preschool options, among many other factors.

The recent NYT piece on mothers' declining work rates got me all hot and bothered for various reasons, but there was one piece of good news: my local paper put it on the front page, rather than buried in the family/entertainment section or worse, the "Women" section on the paper's website, where most of the news about families usually ends up. I wrote a letter, sent it off, and it'll be published tomorrow. It's a small act, but when I think of that letter and Susan's piece and all the other amazing work that's being done by moms in the five spare minutes we have each day, I feel this strange feeling. I think it might be called optimism.