Night Walking
posted by Sheri

Night walking has been saving my mind and maybe even my marriage lately. Of course, we've been told we eat dinner at the "senior citizen hour" of 5:30 or so, but this a) keeps me from killing people because that's when I'm hungry, and b) allows us to head out at dusk for a nice long walk together. We take Clyde's bike and hope to tire him out and curb the latest bedtime freakouts, and Ed and I get to talk and look at other people's houses for improvement ideas we'll never get around to doing and speculate the universe together for a nice long 20 minutes or so. It gets me away from the computer, Ed away from the laptop and yes, his obsession with the dishes, Clyde out in the nice night air with his parents and on his beloved search for neighorhood pets and animals (hey, this probably only works for young ones, huh?), and all of us a teeny tiny bit of exercise. Go figure.

After my husband and I's recent mind-altering weekend getaway, I've been determined not to fall back into the marriage rut that seems to come and go. Love relationships are hard, but it's even harder when you don't talk to each other anymore or check in on even the trivial stuff packed inside one another's heads. In fact, Kateri over at Wet Feet writes well and very honestly about the hard times that come with marriage, many of which sounded very familiar to me, and about the way we can't talk about marriage unless it's all happy, happy, happy.

Hmmm, sounds familiar. Same with motherhood, huh? Well, thank God we're all working together at changing that. We all know marriage and love relationships are not always happy, happy, happy, and that something's probably wrong if they are.

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