The Daddy Dilemma
posted by Amy

When our kids were really little, Chip and I used to talk about a dream world where he could work a little less and I could work a little more, while still having the time we both wanted with our babies and young children. Our kids had really late bedtimes for years because he missed them so much during the day. As someone who wanted to share raising these amazing children with this man I love, I hated how being with the kids so much more than he was made me into the expert on certain trivial details like which sippy cup Henry was currently obsessed with. He wanted to see the kids a lot more, and I could have used a little more time with adults.

However, in real life, we needed something called health care, as well as something called food, and so he worked full-time while I was mostly at home with the kids for several years. We're not rare in our desire to live a more balanced life or to share the joys and challenges of parenting. You might think we were, though, given how rarely fathers are ever mentioned in articles about balancing work and family or, god help us, "the mommy wars."

So I was happy to come across two mentions of "the daddy dilemma." Read all about it here. And here.