In This World There Is Much to Know


posted by Sheri

In this year's calendar, Nikki McClure intricately weaves parenting and nature into her prints in the same colorful and organic way that children (and storms and moths and flowers) weave into our lives and our world. At first, you're not sure how they'll fit in and soon they permeate every aspect—even many of those aspects that you'd just as soon boot them out of. Suddenly, there is the top of her soft head through the dewy leaves of your hectic morning, his gripping cling pulling you off the grassy knoll of your afternoon daydream, and that tiny but powerful longing to "please, please, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" share your view out the window into the world each day. Out that window, there is much to share and much to know, and I revel in the days when I am up for the task.

The showy natural world, whether yours includes children or not, has something to declare to you around every turn. Nikki McClure is just lucky enough to have figured out a way to perfectly and poetically translate the language of Mama Nature at her best.

Another McClure favorite of mine is her "Welcome" Book. A gorgeous and unique gift for new mamas and especially new babes.

Artist and musician Nikki McClure lives with her son and husband in Olympia, Washington. Her vibrant prints are created with an x-acto knife that's hellbent on telling good stories.

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