This Just In: TV Good?
posted by Amy

Okay, it's not really JUST in. I'm a little behind on this one, but Slate published an article about recent studies showing that TV won't actually make your child into an antisocial person with oatmeal for a brain.

I'm not telling my kids about the latest research, as I LIKE being able to tell them to turn off the TV or their brains will turn into oatmeal, but I'm going to print it out and stick it in my wallet so that I can whip it out to comfort guilt-stricken parents who confide how they are FAILURES because their kids--don't tell anyone--watch TV. I'm so not kidding. I'm "out" about our family's media consumption habits, which means I'm privy to more guilty confessions than you'd imagine. Devout Waldorf parents aside, most of us let our kids watch TV sometimes. When the American Academy of Pediatricians decides to start sending its members to my house so that I can take a shower without worrying too much about what my kids are doing, that'll be just great. Until then, Dora the Explorer will remain the electronic babysitter of choice in my house.