Dear FutureMe:
posted by Sheri

Ever find yourself wanting to make sure you remember something in the future? Maybe the look on your kids' sleepy faces at bedtime, the moment you snapped at them and shouldn't have, the exact brief moment where you actually understood why your husband does the things he does that may annoy you? Well, here comes FutureMe.org.

I used to write myself notes when I used to drink a lot, when I was in that oh-so-insightful state of almost understanding the meaning of life. Things like "I really do love him" or "remember how much you hate this feeling." I'm sure some of you have been there. Come morning, these notes were usually ridiculously silly and unimportant, but sometimes I could almost evoke the fervor in which they were written. Of course, sooner or later, that's why I had to question the power that booze had over me and my emotions, real or imagined. My passion was squashed in the garbled writing, usually displaced from the place it ought to be. So in this way, I have written to myself across the planes of time and maybe even reality. But the idea of doing this sober seems actually much more interesting.

I heard the NPR story (scroll down for it) about FutureMe.org, a web site where you can send your future self an email up to 30 years in the future, and I did think for a minute, What's the big deal? But when creator Matt Sly said that the importance seems to be in the writing of the letter rather than in receiving it, I got it immediately.

Face it. We're probably not going to pour our souls into an Outlook reminder message twenty or thirty years into the future. However, we just might learn some vital stuff about our current selves if we sit down to write ourselves in the future or even if we write in our blogs or our journals, things that have staying power this way.

I loved the idea of this site and plan to see, very soon, just what I might have to say about the "me" now to the "me" later. It's almost too mind boggling to bear. As soon as they come out with PastMe.org, then I'll be off and writing with insane vigor.

Even though it's all in the writing, read lots of fun FutureMe public entries here now.

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