Once Again, Thank You, Anne Lamott
posted by Sheri

I came across this L.A. Times article by Anne Lamott via Broadsheet, and I again sighed a huge bit of "thank goodness" in the name of Lamott, who recently gave it her passionate "all" on the subject of a woman's right to choose—no matter that it was in front of a room of more than a thousand Catholics.

In "The Rights Of the Born," Lamott writes about her response:

I wanted to express calmly, eloquently, that pro-choice people understand that there are two lives involved in an abortion—one born (the pregnant woman) and one not (the fetus)—but that the born person must be allowed to decide what is right.

Also, I wanted to wave a gun around, to show what a real murder looks like. This tipped me off that I should hold my tongue, until further notice. And I tried.

And then:

But as a Christian and a feminist, the most important message I can carry and fight for is the sacredness of each human life, and reproductive rights for all women is a crucial part of that: It is a moral necessity that we not be forced to bring children into the world for whom we cannot be responsible and adoring and present. We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.

And then... Oh, okay, just go read the whole article. It's good. And I just have to add that, as of late, while I'm mostly huddled in the corner frightened and afraid about where a woman's right to choose may go in not-too-far-off future, I am so glad I can escape to my "bubble" of feminist thinkers who believe in the importance of keeping abortion legal. After all, as long as men and women have sex and sex can lead to pregnancy, there are going to be unwanted pregnancies (not to mention as long as birth control only works 98% of the time when used properly). Anyway, I am so glad I can even occasionally come across pro-choice quotes in overly commercial magazines like Glamour (hey, I was just flipping through in a bookstore while on vacation) from feminist-minded people like Sarah Jessica Parker (love you, SJP!) who said this in the March 2006 issue:

The real problem among educated middle-class, primarily white young women is that secretly they know they will always have access to a safe abortion, so they don't have to support it. Other women who work in the antichoice movement have found abortion isn't right for them so they want to make sure you and I can't have one. I can't have a rational discussion with someone like that—it's too illogical.

Stuff like this makes me believe there is hope in that same not-too-far-off future.

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