Mama Loves Veronica Mars


posted by Amy

A few summers ago when Josie was just a baby and we'd just gotten Tivo, I discovered Dawson's Creek. The series had already ended, but it happened to be on at 7 and 8 a.m. each weekday morning, times when I was sure to be sitting on the couch nursing the baby. So I put it on my season pass and started catching up with the lives of Joey and Pacey and the supremely annoying Dawson. At first I was making fun of it, the way I do with soap operas (even Days of Our Lives, the soap opera my mom watched when we were little and which my brother Matt and I have an embarrassingly intense fondness for). Before long, though, I'd developed an addiction.

With Tivo, I could watch an hour-long episode in about 40 minutes, so I burned through the two episodes a day fairly quickly. I developed a little crush on Pacey. I fast-forwarded through parts with Dawson eventually, because he drove me crazy, except for the season when his parents were divorcing. My parents were also divorcing that summer, and my reaction was pretty much the same as Dawson's: self-centered, whiny angst.

After the summer ended and I was back teaching during the day, I lost interest in the show, although I wouldn't pass up a chance to watch the "Anti-Prom" episode if it happened to be on. That sappy teenage show made my life bearable during a really awful time, though, and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for those summer mornings I spent absorbed in their world as I avoided the heartbreak in my own.

I can't pretend this was my first teen drama obsession, though. I was a diehard 90210 fan, and I've watched more episodes of The O.C. than I should have, I'm sure. Right now, Veronica Mars is on my season pass, and the first season, which I missed, is in my Netflix queue. It turns out I'm not alone, as Crashing the Pool Party: Why Adult Women Watch Teen T.V. proves. So I'm not the only grownup who likes the teen dramas. Sigh. Is anything I do ever original?