Well Shit Then, Ten Things I'm Happy About!
posted by Sheri

1. Naptime!: Cause Clyde's on his. I think. What was that?

2. Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Red rooibos tea: Cause it's cheap and yummy and it's helping me get off caffeine AGAIN.

3. LOST: Cause I would be without something like that to obsess on. But where's Walt? Where's Michael? Where's the nice Charlie? Are they in a time warp? Are any of those people gonna do it?

4. Project Runway: Oh, last night's makeover show was so fun. But what was Daniel thinking? I loved when Heidi said, "Daniel, we don't like what you did to Chloe."

5. My Mom: Mostly cause she's wonderful, a great woman, a great mom, but right now because she's taking Clyde ALL weekend while Ed and I get to know each other again in San Francisco. Mmmm, think restaurants, window shopping, resting, and walking through the dark of night. Thank you, Mom.

6. Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine: It's all just so good, but especially "Tymps," "Parting Gift," and "Waltz."

7. Sunshine: Ain't it beautiful to be in California in February? Winter who? It's springtime, baby!

8. Freelance work: Cause I'm getting enough to maintain the life balance I want. Yes, I am seriously thankful for work.

9. Uncle Sam: Cause he's giving me some dough back to make up for all the fake dough I spent all year on credit cards. Wooohooo!

10. Love: It's in my family, my friends, the things I read, sometimes the things I write. I just love it, okay?

Okay and one little thing I hate:

1. Why is Arrested Development ending? God, it's such a friggin' funny show. And can I just marry Jason Bateman already?