Ten Things I'm Happy About
posted by Amy

1. Dooce's archives. Except: I might go blind reading them. Book! Book!

2. Harrison Ford on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night: two great guys who go great together. (And my kids think I watch Star Wars with them just out of motherly love--ha!)

3. Walking to work when it's 70 degrees outside and I don't, for the first time in years, have to rush from home to work to school pickup because I have officially entered some people's "Bad Mom" category by deciding to let Josie stay at her school until after naptime.

4. Josie's school. I just wish we'd found it eight years ago, when our oldest started preschool. After years of refusing to look at any school that offered full-time daycare because I was being a brainwashed snob, I'm totally cursing myself for missing out on this great little school for so long.

5. Miss Judy at Josie's school, who has taught there for 25 years and still manages to show immense delight in the children she cares for, to instill a love of learning in all our kids without them even realizing that their play is a form of learning, and to make me wish preschool teachers got paid as much as, say, college presidents.

6. Jen at MUBAR, who still rocks.

7. Jody at Raising WEG, who decided that if someone doesn't like what she's writing, well, they can stop reading. Because she's not going to stop writing.

8. Ann Douglas' thoughts on Betty Friedan, including what's happening with mothers today.

9. That I'm not going to be exhausted tomorrow, because I'm NOT using the extra ticket I got offered to see Jeff Tweedy tonight in San Francisco. Because I am mature and using my time management skills and remembering how NOT a morning person I am, which means teaching a 9 a.m. class after a late, late night would be tough. Also, I have Junebug to watch tonight.

10. Two words: BlogHer 2006!