And There Was Much Linking
posted by Amy

Phantom Scribbler has just about the loveliest post about baking bread and imperfection and mothering and life that I've ever read. And then Jo(e) went and got herself that February feeling so many of us have been suffering from lately, which made me feel less alone while also wanting to be able to give Jo(e) a hug.

Two things I do not recommend doing if you think you're prone to the February feeling: rereading The Handmaid's Tale and watching The Stepford Wives. Trust me on this one—I speak from recent personal experience. It was like trying to watch that Steve Martin movie Parenthood while going through an especially difficult time with Henry and his teacher—we had to turn off the DVD halfway through because we couldn't laugh at poor anxious Kevin and his poor anxious parents, having just turned into those poor anxious parents ourselves. Yeah, the rollercoaster metaphor is a good one, but try telling that to someone on the uphill part, the part where you're just trying to figure out how to get the fuck off the ride.

In other news, Marla is being held prisoner by her cat. Read more here, and then for god's sakes, you Canadian readers, go check on her! And don't let that cat tell you "she can't come to the phone right now; can I take a message?"

Mary Tsao ponders the Freakonomics of Preschool mere days after meeting Andrew Shue.

Fussy on why she blogs.

Readymade has a blog! And it looks a lot like Boing Boing! Now I'm going to be even more confused about which wonderful thing I saw where. The fabulous Mighty Girl will be blogging there. (I just found out that Maggie is younger than me. Why am I still surprised that people I look up to are sometimes--and increasingly so--younger than me?)

Dr. Crazy has a long-and-totally-worth-it post about blogging (because c'mon folks, you know there's nothing we love more than reading bloggers on blogging! Wait, is that just me? Is anyone else in the room still?). Like Dr. Crazy, I've been thinking a lot about authors and readers and about women getting told off for not being "nice" on their very own blogs, especially after the recent uproar over at Dr. B's.

Supafine! has an idea for what to do with those Baby Einstein videos you can't handle showing your kids: a drinking game!

The Happy Feminist writes about having a vocation, an idea that gets left out of all those "you CAN afford to stay home" articles.

If you missed Geeky Mom's Blogging for Choice post, please go read it.

Rebecca Kaminsky, whose dad could be my own, judging from her description, has a new column up on Literary Mama about letting go of people who hurt you. There's also a great interview with Jill Soloway.

Finally, for the kids out there, I may be the last mama in the world to have discovered Dav Pilkey's website, but just in case I'm not, it rocks. My kids are devotees of all things Pilkey, and they love this site's games. Two others we're loving right now are National Geographic and Starfall.com, the latter a site I found through a link on Susan's blog.

Starfall is also one of those sites that makes me think, "Gee, if I could just find some great school-age daycare where the kids could go while I'm teaching my classes, a place where they could do art and music and the kind of writing they like to do in their free time, I could homeschool!" And then I have to take fifteen minutes to think about how much it sucks that many of us know we could teach our children more and in less time at home except that we need the free daycare that is public school. And then I get that February feeling and have to go back and read Phantom's bread post again.