Skip the Glossy Advice Mags!
posted by Amy

Dawn is one of my favorite bloggers, and this post speaks right to something I've grown to feel strongly about: the ways TV and glossy magazines instill and/or nurture my own very strong sense of guilt and insecurities.

You know what I mean, right? Think, for instance, of the mainstream parenting magazines with their articles about feeding kids clown faces made out of radishes, carrots and cucumbers cut into cunning little shapes, while the ad on the opposing page is for McDonald's or something I feel equally guilty feeding my kids, or the "helpful tips" about how to keep your house clean all the time by doing "simple" thirty-minute cleaning routines each day.

Once I made the mistake of reading Real Simple's instructions for spot cleaning the bathroom. Their version of spot cleaning was my idea of deep cleaning. But damn if I don't feel guilty every time I clean my bathroom because I'm not doing it the way some "expert" said I should, even though I know she was probably someone like me, typing away to meet a deadline in her own cluttered and real house. I'm gonna try to follow Dawn's advice to skip the tips and expect a mess here in my real life with my real kids.