An Agnostic Single Mama President: Can You Dig It?
posted by Sheri

I heard the announcement about Michelle Bachelet becoming Chile's first woman/mama president several days ago on NPR. I was thrilled with the news. However, it seemed days and hours flew by before any newsteams covered the story. Is it because we didn't believe it would happen?

Sounds about right if you're American or for that matter if you're a woman living pretty much anywhere in world. Under the current administration, it's hard for me to believe we'll ever have a woman president, let alone one with a "human values and democratic orientation" and who's also outwardly agnostic and the single mother of three.

I sometimes think about the woman president dilemma. The lack thereof, you know? And I'm sure we'll get a right-winger woman in there first if we ever get one. Then I wonder, would I vote for a right wing politician just because she's female? Well, let's just say maybe, maybe not... I would definitely have to go case by case, but it would be somewhat tempting. What do you think? It could be awhile before this topic even means anything (years and years???). In the meantime, let's talk about it.

Here's some coverage on Michelle Bachelet's win:

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