We've Come a Long Way, Baby! Will Alito Take Us Back?
posted by Sheri

Over on AlterNet, Martha Burk of Ms. Magazine worries aloud for the rights of all working women in "Alito: A Defeat for Working Women":

"During his 15 years on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, he compiled a stunning record of backing corporations over workers in sex and race discrimination cases. He has bragged that he is "particularly proud" of his work in opposing affirmative action, and never expressed regret for joining a militantly anti-woman club dedicated to keeping women out of Princeton. This mindset does not bode well for female employment rights."

Without the voice of another woman on our Supreme Court, even more, decisions are being made without regard to every woman's experience. That means working women, women at home, mamas, working mamas in flux, women of color, and so on—women's experiences and truths are simply not being considered. And then to have a person like Alito with no regard for the rights of workers or women in the first place, well... What friggin' year is it again?

Of course, things surely don't bode well on the abortion front either. Today's New York Times reports:

"Ms. Feinstein asked whether Judge Alito did not agree that Roe 'was well settled in court.'

"He said, 'It depends on what one means by the term 'well settled.'

Worried yet? Well, if you are, then why not write your Senator to oppose Alito today? I just did (thanks for the quick reply, Senator Feinstein!), and it only takes a minute.

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