Wanna Help a Mama? Then Listen.
posted by Sheri

Hip Mama founder Ariel Gore reminds us about the most important thing a mama needs when times are tough. An ear (and some compassion wouldn't kill ya).

What is it that people think they should either ignore you or solve your problems when you're struggling? Neither is necessary. When I'm in my toughest moments of mamahood—whether it's over potty training (what's that?), disciplinary catastrophes, or simply losing my cool—I don't need someone to figure it out for me or find answers or alternatives (of course, I do love when my listener brings a similar past experience to the table). In fact, mostly I just need someone to listen to my woe and tell me it's real and validate that it's hard sometimes. Cause it friggin' is. Thank God no one has ever said to me, "Well, you chose to have a kid. What did you expect?" However, I know that business is out there.

And, of course, I say this after going on and on in an email to a mama friend who's struggling with not getting any sleep. I could see my error in action and said so. And really I just hoped to help, but really, on and on wasn't necessary. Sorry, P!

Long story short. When a mama ain't happy, just listen...

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