A Very Important Announcement
posted by Amy

Marrit Ingman has A Very Important Announcement we all need to pay attention to:

Everybody needs an Official Theme Song. If you don't have one, you should pick one now. It makes everything you do cooler. You go get the mail, and it's really bitchin because your Official Theme Song is playing for you, right? Like, I'm making this batch of playdough yesterday, and it's really off the hook because we made turquoise, and it came out just right, and we're driving our little machines through it, digging and shit, and it's all so rock and roll. If you are a baseball player, your Official Theme Song will play as you approach the plate. But if you're just some burnout, like I am, it will play while you make playdough. And that's okay.

The theme song that plays when I get the mail is the Blue's Clues "Here's the mail/It never fails/It makes me want to wag my tail/When it comes I want to wail/MAAAAIIILLL!" song. This despite the fact that my kids stopped watching Steve/Joe and Blue years ago. The harsh reality is that we parents remember these songs and board books forever, while the children who, um, gently suggested we watch these shows/read these books look at us like we're insane when we mention the spoon and the brush and the bowl full of mush.

So. New Year, new theme song. I'm ready to move on from Urinetown's "It's a Privilege to Pee," the song I most identified with during the years when I'd have to fend off needy toddlers just to use the bathroom. (How many of us can nurse and pee simultaneously? I'm thinking I'm not the only one.) I've raved before about my love for Sleater-Kinney. It still holds. I'm opting for Sleater-Kinney's "Step Aside" for 2006. How about you?

For more on Sleater-Kinney, One Beat, and their newest album, The Woods, check out their website.