This Just In:
posted by Amy

A study published today in the journal Pediatrics found that children were no safer in SUV crashes than in smaller cars.

Of course, those of us with three or more kids know that the real struggle is how to get all those booster seats and carseats to fit in a smaller car. Our little Nissan (the car my husband commutes in when it's too rainy to bike or when he's got to take our oldest to school) barely fits a kid in a booster, a kid in a carseat, and our oldest, who at ten and over sixty pounds is (hallelujah!) legal to ride without a carseat in California.

Since the days of kids rolling around the backseat of a station wagon are way over, we drive a minivan if we're going out as a family. I don't know how my parents, who had ten kids, would have ever gone anywhere if we'd all had to be in the backseat until we were twelve, in boosters until six, etc. My mother would want me to add here that I rode in an infant carseat in 1971, back when no one knew what carseats were, and that we always, always had to wear our seatbelts. Maybe growing up so uncool is what made me secure enough to drive a minivan at 29. Thanks, Mom.