Mad Hot Cuteness
posted by Sheri

Okay, so we stayed home on New Years Eve—partly because we forgot to even think about getting a babysitter (details! details!) and then later since there was nothing to do but give into this reality, as we do most years lately, we decided we stayed in because the stormy weather outside was so frightful! Anyway, we ate steak and rented Mad Hot Ballroom, which sent me into complete and utter cute-out mode.

The movie follows a group of 11-year-olds (many of them immigrant children) in New York City public schools, as they learn and later compete in dancing the merengue, rumba, tango, foxtrot, and swing. The up-close and personal interviews sent me reminiscing back to grade school, contemplating my son's future, and mostly smiling and reeling with adoration for the sincerity and drive of these kids. Oh and that Wilson, he stole my heart with his little swagger and dedicated connection without words. Enjoy! It's uplifting, fun, inspiring, and good for the whole family. My almost-three-year old son got a bit bored and started his own kind of dance, but he watched about half of it.