Conservative Comedy
posted by Amy

Over at Use Your Words, Melissa Lipscomb can't stop thinking about Total 180! She writes,"For all the 'honest' venting about how hard it is to be a stay-at-home mother, the magazine seems designed to enforce a very narrow set of parameters for 'good mommies.'"

I think this is one of the best responses to Rebecca Traister's Salon.com interview with Total 180! editor Debbie Klett I've read. Klett's emphasis on how "funny" it is when moms are overwhelmed and dads are invisible is strange to me. But then, traditional comedy is conservative, meant to reinforce the status quo, and I'm not okay with the status quo. I'm not content with the choices most families have. Neither is my husband, who would like to work from home more often and have more time to be with our kids. Neither are many of the couples we know whose dreams of egalitarian relationships and true choices hit a roadbloack when they realize someone needs a "real" job so that the kids can have health insurance. Read the rest of Lipscomb's post and see what you think. We'd like to hear from you. Email contact@mamazine.com.