Mary's Birth Story
posted by Amy

My four-year-old daughter is obsessed with Jesus right now. She calls him "Jesus CHRIST" with an unfortunate emphasis on the latter word due to the fact that she mostly hears his name when I've done something like bonk my knee on the sharp edge of the table. (You don't even want to know what she believes his middle name is; clearly, this mama's been exercising her right to free speech a little too much lately.)

Josie is obsessed with babies, so when I brought out the kitschy plastic Fisher-Price Little People nativity set last week, she latched onto the figure of the baby Jesus and hasn't let go since. This development has led to some odd moments for me, including requesting that she stop hitting her brother with Jesus and having to make a second trip over to her friend Morgan's house, where, I told the teenage babysitter, we needed to find Jesus. We're not a church-going family; I grew up agnostic, and Chip's mom and stepdad came from a Jewish/atheist background. Our approach these days is of the "whatever works for you" variety, so Josie's interest in what is a truly great birth story took us by surprise. She insists on bringing Mary everywhere Jesus goes ("Mom?" she asked the other day. "I thought Mary had a little LAMB."), and I'm now used to her shrieks when she drops Mary on the floor of the car. I reach down at the next red light, find the pale blue plastic figure, and toss her back to Josie, and all is well again.

Over at Mombo: A Radio Resource for Moms, Nancy Oleson has been thinking about Jesus' mama as well. You can read her short essay, Mary, and explore the rest of the site, including the excellent 4-CD set of Mombo shows (perfect Christmas gifts for mamas and people who love them).