( september, 2006 )

I remembered this morning why I hate being pregnant... >>read more
by Elrena Evans :: feature added on 2006-09-23
When venting with another mother, your love for your child goes without saying, so it's easier to let down your guard and admit that while your child is the light of your life, you'd really prefer if your little light would turn off occasionally and let you do, say, one thing other than caring for her for five consecutive minutes a day. >>read more
by Jamie Odeneal :: feature added on 2006-09-10
I could chase Mia to the ends of the earth, I could lock her up so she couldn't self-destruct, but only she could heal her heart and soul. Our children belong only to themselves. And we to ourselves—and that's what's changed most, the most valuable lesson I learned: that it is not what a mother says or does that has the greatest impact, but who she is, her very being. >>read more
by Phoebe Varinia DeMund :: feature added on 2006-09-04

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