( march, 2006 )

I was able to see that I could mother in the way that felt safe and comfortable to me, AND still think and care about other things. I think we still fall into the Either/Or trap too easily. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2006-03-18
For nearly a year I have adhered to a Saturday night ritual. It involves a pen, sheets of stationery, often a glass of wine. It calls for the peaceful silence of my sleeping children. Saturday night is the night I write to my grandmother. >>read more
by Elizabeth Roca :: feature added on 2006-03-26
I am weirdly grateful that I told as many people as I did that we were pregnant. If I hadn't broken the news early, I would not have had the long-reaching web of support that I did. >>read more
by Amy M. Miller :: feature added on 2006-03-12
Corrina has taught me to give up insisting on how things should be, and to see how they are—to fall in love with her as she is, not as a preconceived ideal. This is surely the heart of mamahood. >>read more
by Phoebe Varinia DeMund :: feature added on 2006-03-04
I think the parenting blogs are a presence to be reckoned with and that they should be taken seriously. >>read more
by Stacey Greenberg :: feature added on 2006-03-04

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