( january, 2006 )

If my kids go down this road, they may not be lucky or blessed enough to kick it, or simply grow out of it; they have my DNA in them after all. So even though this may not be fair, or even right, of all the things my parents could have done differently, I focus on this: lack of organized activities, and nothing to do after school. >>read more
by Chip Powell :: feature added on 2006-01-15
If men can nurture, if the sanctuary of parenting that has been woman-centered for so long is now open to all parents, then what else? >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2006-01-29
I realized I'm this overprotective grandmother person because if anything happens to them, it's two generations. It's not just me and the child. What would happen to my grandchild is bad enough and then what would happen to my children, my son-in-law, and then me. >>read more
by Sheri and Amy :: feature added on 2006-01-29
It's so hard to tell the difference between attending to your child's every need...and attending to your own need to ATTEND to the child's needs (and because sometimes the baby thinks she needs something that in fact she doesn't really need—what she needs is to learn how to take care of herself—this is a killer). >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2006-01-21
Feminism benefits families in all sorts of ways. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2006-01-15
I wanted a book of real stories about real people parenting their toddlers every day. I guess I wanted to know that I wasn't alone, which is how I felt at the time. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2006-01-07
What I really needed was an EDITOR. To say things like, "Um, let's not go there." It works best for me to have a second set of eyes. I can be a little too, er, confessional. >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2006-01-01

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