( february, 2006 )

"Mommy," she said. "I didn't take a nap, and we are going to Titi's house anyway." She said it just like someone older would say, "Bitch. You got played!" >>read more
by Kathleen Furin :: feature added on 2006-02-26
At a bigger level, thinking about parenting as a work choice (or not work choice) may get us somewhere with regard to the fertility question. >>read more
by Matt Mitchell :: feature added on 2006-02-25
I think a lot of our parenting is fear-based. We do things for our children because we are afraid of not doing them, and in parenting the stakes always seem so high. >>read more
by Stacey Greenberg :: feature added on 2006-02-11
I read about Sylvia to decipher her map, to find another path, a sustaining way. We are very different women and yet we share the bones and bonds of motherhood and poethood. I want to know if it is possible for me to be built of both. >>read more
by Kristin Berger :: feature added on 2006-02-11
Children also dissemble when they are scared. I've sometimes suspected there isn't much emotional distance between Jake denying he took his younger brother's toy while holding it in his hand and George W. Bush's insistence that the situation in Iraq is improving even as the casualties mount. >>read more
by Helaine Olen :: feature added on 2006-02-05

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