( september, 2005 )

Three mamas share their personal stories and experiences of loss, grief, and going on living after the death of child. >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2005-09-17
Sprawled out on pillows on the floor of my midwife's houseboat, I told her how I dream of flying and I dream of falling, and in these dreams I always land. >>read more
by Sasha Hom :: feature added on 2005-09-10
...every time I hear "In da Club" by 50 Cent, I think of the birth of my little girl, Grace. It was well timed by the fates that the gangsta rapper's meteoric single shot to the top of the charts along with Grace's entry into the world. >>read more
by Robin Dutton-Cookston :: feature added on 2005-09-24
What's it like to combine making music with caring for kids? Cate Cale-Thompson talks to members of Sacramento band the Skirts about being mamas (or not being mamas) and musicians. >>read more
by Cate Cale-Thompson and Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-09-17
I hope we find our collective voice enough to say, we love our kids and ourselves and we've had it up to here with the lack of support and we want some change. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-09-03
In the second installment of our ongoing series, mamazine.com talks to Elizabeth and Dewey, who have one young child, about how to balance opposing work schedules and how the unconventional at heart sometimes fall into conventional roles when it comes to raising kids in today's often imbalanced culture of parenting. >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2005-09-04

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