( october, 2005 )

Basically, becoming a mother was an incredible identity shift for me. It made me burn to write—for one thing because I couldn't believe that no one was talking about the stuff I personally found so challenging/mind-blowing/life-altering; and for another, because I'd been longing to write about something compelling. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-10-29
Before I had a child, I had plenty of time to read, and I read a lot. I still do, but now I read in the fringes, on the edges of Simon's time, in stolen snatches. I shouldn't feel guilty about this (he's having so much fun with that teapot—really, he is!) but sometimes I do. >>read more
by Kate Haas :: feature added on 2005-10-22
Why, we wondered, were so many [mothers] so deeply invested in defending Dr. Sears who, in point of fact, only one of us—I—wanted to critique and who hardly needs defending? Moreover, why were these women so quick to police, rather than engage in productive discussion with other women? >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2005-10-22
In our newest installment of this ongoing series, we hear from a couple living on a farm in Salina, Kansas. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-10-15
Good enough? There's no such thing when you're an organic-obsessed affluent San Francisco mommy with access to a Google search engine. >>read more
by Kim Girard :: feature added on 2005-10-08

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