( november, 2005 )

I think of all these mothers choking on their feelings, afraid to speak up, and I feel ill. Our society is so uncompassionate, so intolerant of human frailty in its mothers. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-11-26
The deadline for our fourth installment of "Raising Children in a Half-Changed World" was approaching, and we hadn't found a couple to interview. So I decided to put myself (and my husband) through this interview process. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-11-26
...in parenting, there are very few objective truths, so our subjective truth is probably the closest we'll come to knowing if we've made a good choice. >>read more
by Sarah Buttenwieser :: feature added on 2005-11-26
Although I still second-guess my decision to stay at home full time, Kanga would probably never regret quitting a part-time job for full time child-rearing. >>read more
by Anjali Enjeti-Sydow :: feature added on 2005-11-19
My son Cedar, who is six years old and has never heard the word "rave," is as addicted to techno music as any ecstasy-addled twenty-something in the cutting-edge night clubs of Europe or North America. >>read more
by Kristen Van Tassel :: feature added on 2005-11-13
I can begin to make out the faint outline of a life that includes classes, lunch dates, and time during the day to read or wander. I'm poised on the cusp of this life, and, oddly, I find myself wanting to step back, to slow everything down, to hang onto and protect this child who's preparing himself to leave my orbit. >>read more
by Asha Dornfest :: feature added on 2005-11-12
If Zachary can't do something expertly from the start it is difficult for him to persist and transcend his self-consciousness. To enter the unknown and unfamiliar. He is ashamed to evidence weakness. I think it frightens him to make mistakes. I know it frightens me. >>read more
by Regina Walker :: feature added on 2005-11-05

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