( december, 2005 )

All I wanted to do was articulate my own questions about the wild ride of motherhood, which is so much better and harder and darker and deeper than I was prepared for. >>read more
by Melissa Fondakowski :: feature added on 2005-12-24
Yes, the rumors are true: we're putting together our very own West Coast Mother Talk. What, you haven't heard the rumors? Well, maybe we're just famous in our own minds. (Is THAT why Oprah hasn't called yet?) Anyway, Andrea Buchanan and Jennifer Margulis will be coming to Sacramento on Saturday, January 14 at 4:30 p.m. for a Mother Talk! Click here to visit the Mother Talk blog and view the Evite.

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by Amy and Sheri :: feature added on 2005-12-17
Both of my children have been wholly themselves their entire lives, and I have merely acted as a steward in helping them grow into their full potential. Children are not chattel, nor social experiments. They are small people with their own aspirations and personalities and problems. >>read more
by Sheri Reed :: feature added on 2005-12-18
I think the voices of resistance we are hearing are important. I want to hear more of them. And I want to hear these voices critiquing the social situations and value systems that make attachment parenting tough to do. I get angry when moms get blamed for not being attached enough and I shudder when moms point their fingers at each other (that's an old internalized sexist script, isn't it?) We can do better. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-12-10
...we both really believed in it (I remember telling Stephanie, "We are TOTALLY going to be on Oprah!" ha!), so it wasn't completely shocking that other mothers liked Brain, Child, too. >>read more
by Amy Anderson :: feature added on 2005-12-03
Just like hemlines and hairstyles, popular parenting practices change with the wind. In American culture, the only women labeled "good" mothers are those who are paying attention, following directions and (I know, I've been there) driving themselves completely crazy trying to keep up with all the latest scares and fads. >>read more
by Staci Schoff :: feature added on 2005-12-03

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